Lucas Santana 5tet – Ambivalence

Ambivalence is a state of having conflicting reactions, beliefs, or feelings towards someone or something. Bringing the concept of two opposite emotions coexisting and transforming this approach in musical expression was the biggest challenge on this album. The group explores the edges of loudness and softness, but also carries the delicacy of a simple lyrical melody.

Being rooted in many music traditions, Lucas and his quintet bring a large pallet of colors to the table. Their music has that energetic hard bop sound, but his Brazilian roots shine through on all levels. Together with his four band members he discovers the pathway between fantasy, courage, technical skill and passion. Sometimes fast and virtuosic, sometimes slow with true passion for the music.

Lucas Santana – Saxophone – Composer
Tijs Klaassen – Double bass
Tim Hennekes – Drums
Davor Stehlik – Guitar
Timothy Banchet – Piano